I can overdub parts onto your tracks at my home studio. I have recorded tracks for artists such as Carly Simon and engineers such as Frank Fillipetti, which were included in the final albums, otherwise recorded at top studios. (Click here for some TESTIMONIALS!!!!)

I can provide overdubs on

-Harmonica (diatonic, chromatic or bass),

-guitar (electric or acoustic),

-lead vocals, vocal harmonies,


-electric bass,


-Lap steel


The advantages to you are:

- You don’t have to fly me to Timbuktu

- You save on Studio time costs

- You get my finest work guaranteed, without time constraints

- Satisfaction guaranteed

Here’s how it works:

-You send me an mp3 or CD of a stereo track with no reference part. (You may send another file with reference part if desired).

-I record my part on a separate, isolated track which is synchronized to your stereo track.

-I send you a rough mix of my part over your track for your approval and/ or suggestions

-When the overdub is approved, you send payment, and I send you the isolated track in a full resolution aif or wave file, so that you may integrate it into the track in your mix.

-Tracks can be provided with or without processing and/ orEQ.

My setup is simple but top quality.

My Gear includes:

High Quality mics: Neumann, Sputnik, Rhode,

Apogee converter

Avalon Pre-amp

Logic Software

Guitars include:

Santa Cruz OM

Collings OM

1955 Gibson ES 175

1952 Reissue Telecaster

Moon Stratocaster

Guitar amps include

Vintage Fender Princeton