I can produce tracks from demos to radio-ready productions.

My philosophy is that a recording should reflect the intention of the artist and their creation in every aspect: style, instrumentation, arrangement, performance, etc. My musical experience and insight will be incorporated to the degree that the artist feels it will enhance their vision.

As a studio musician for over thirty years, I have thousands of hours experience in recording studios and have produced and co-produced tracks on diverse musical projects.

My production Services include any or all of the following:

- Budgeting and planning your project to conform to your situation

  1. -Hiring, scheduling, rehearsing of the best, most appropriate musicians for your project.

- Songwriting consultation, lyrics, melody, harmony

- Arranging: song form, instrumentation, vocal harmony parts, horns, strings etc.

- Providing recording facility and engineer for small projects OR:

  1. - Selection of appropriate recording studio for your project

  1. -Working with artist to achieve the best possible performance

Examples of my production are:

“Got You On My Mind”

“Line Open”