Here’s some of the other stuff I use:


Suzuki Sirius 64

Suzuki Sirius 56c

Hohner 270 (with modifications)

Hohner 64 (with modifications)

Joe Filisko Harps

Seidel 1847 diatonic harps

Vern Smith’s “Hands Free Chromatic”


Gibson ES 137 Deluxe

1957 Gibson LG2

1955 Gibson ES 175

Moon Strat

Fender Telecaster 52’ reissue

1993 Santa Cruz OM

Collings OM2

1971 Martin 0018 (my baby)

Dobro Houndog


1971 Fender Princeton

Trace Elliott Cube

Walter Woods custom head

ZT Acoustic Luncbox

ZT Lunchbox

ZT Lunchbox Junior


Audio Technica atm41a

Blows Me Away ULTIMATE SURE 58


Avatar 737 Pre Amp

Apogee Duet

M-Audio Sputnik mic

Neumann km 54


NEWS: I am now an official endorser of           amps

I recommend these amazing amps for harmonica, guitar, vocals and keyboards. They make great sounding, impossibly small and light amps. I use the “Acoustic Lunchbox” for guitar and vocals/ harmonica. Perfect for Singer songwriters in small venues. 
For more info go to: ZT’s website.

I am also a proud endorser of Suzuki Chromatic Harmonicas. These are great instruments made by great people.